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The story of WRIGHT WAY TECH

Wright Way Tech took its first steps as an IT company in November of 2008. Our CEO Jeremy Wright had been teaching for 2 years as a Game Design and Animation instructor at Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton and had just built a large render lab. He was getting known for his resources and efficiency in system design and IT services. It was then that he was put in contact with some non-profit organizations who were struggling with covering costs from an IT provider who was severely marking up hardware. This made keeping up with technology costs almost unbearable for them. Through some conversations Jeremy was asked to present a bid for hardware and managed services and came in twice as low as all competing bids.  Word of mouth spread quickly through the community that someone was providing great service at great prices. So Wright Way Tech stands today to try and be a beacon for those who are unaware of the markups and injustices that some other IT providers have brought to the industry (there are some good ones out there). After 18 years our team is still just as passionate about serving our customers and allowing them to experience great service and great prices.

Founded in 2008

Wright Way Tech had its humble beginnings in 2008 in Lawton, OK

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